cooling my BRP

I tried some of the water wetter in my bike this weekend and went and rode in the normal place I always go and woooohoooo it didnt spit coolant once. Even after idleing a few minutes after a long hill when I stopped to help my son get back on his wheels.

Also my dad and I got into a discussion about it overheating this weekend and he swears it is somthing honda should fix ASAP as in a recall type thing. I agree on the one hand but when it all boils down the bike wasnt really designed for putting around on trails choked up and geared the way it is. I never have a problem when I can open it up and hang on for dear life :thumbsup:

I have a 2002 xr 650 r and it has a problem with overheating when I'm in real technical stuff, when I have to stay in 1st gear for a while. What is the water wetter that you said cooled down your xr? Need help!!!


I found it at a bike shop and you add it to your coolant. Helps run a few degrees cooler. It is made by Redline oil.

Red Line Oils

DOes it make the bike run cooler or does it raise the boiling point?

Engine Ice was another "fix" the bike shop suggested. The guy there said said it is probably the what I should be running anyway. He was out of it at the time but he says it works very well.

honda should fix ASAP as in a recall type thing.

All these water pumper bikes will boil over with a water based coolant given the right conditions whether its a CRF450, or a WR426, KX250, DRZ400, or a XR650R, etc. There's many factors that affect this such as the terrain, the riding environment (outside temperature), clutch use/abuse, speed, carb jetting, etc.

The way my bike is setup even with the stock radiator cap, I never boil over even on tight single track or riding in the dunes or deserts in the summer time. I just got back from riding the Tajon trail and other black diamond single track trails at Hungry Valley with a group of people and I brought up the rear, so I spent a considerable amount of time in 1st gear, leaving my bike idling on its kickstand while helping other riders, etc, and my bike never boiled. I'm also usually the guy who takes the super slow little kids out for their rides and they're always falling down and I'm always having to help them up, check them out, get their courage back up, get their bike started and get them off again, all the while my bike is sitting on its kickstand while idling in 90F+ temps in the desert (Stoddard Valley).

If your bike is stock, the first thing you may want to do is uncork it, which will help it breath and run cooler. The next thing to do would be to verify your jetting isn't too lean. You can also buy a higher pressure radiator cap, but that simply prolongs the inevitable and I don't like running higher pressures in the cooling system. You can also add a fan to the radiator, but I've never had to do that. You can also play with different ratios of coolant (60% distilled H20 / 40% EG) or try running 100% distilled H2O with water wetter, but plan to change out your coolant mix more often if you're running 100% distilled water / water wetter. You can also try Engine Ice as well. From there if you're still boiling over, you can either ride a bit faster or avoid tight single track as much as possible. If you're still boiling over and still want to ride single track, then give Evans NPG+ coolant a try and your boil over issue will be solved. I've been running Evans NPG+ for a few years now with excellent results and unlike any other coolant out there, it's waterless, which means you don't have the lower boiling point issues like you do with water based coolants and you'll gain other benefits, but it also doesn't cool as well at lower temperatures and there are drawbacks to consider. The bottom line is that I intrumented & data logged both my coolant and oil temperatures on a XR650R and the temperatures never climed to a point where it concerned me even when riding in desert sand dunes at 100F+ in the summer time and the oil temperature of the XR650R stayed significantly below that of our air cooled XR250R. Don't think that Evans NPG+ is the cure all for every make & model of motorcycle out there because I think each application has to be checked out individually, but I've found it works very well in the XR650R and a few other bikes I've tested. There's also plenty of other XR650R riders besides myself that are running NPG+ with excellent results.

I couldnt agree more. I think alot of it (and most of it) is because the bike is so choked down. As soon as I take it back to the Honda Doctor for the 100 mile check ( a requirement by the shop I bought it from) and the warranty is up I am going to start the uncorking process. Not to be the neighborhood bad ass at the local trail but to make the bike run and breathe like its supposed to.

My own personal take on it and its just my opinion, I think the system Honda designed for the bike works like it was designed to, that is a constant airflow thru the radiator, otherwise me and a bunch of other XR 650R owners would be having boil overs alot more often than not. I also think my altitude has alot to do with it. Im in Seattle, How much closer to sea level can ya get.

Im in Seattle, How much closer to sea level can ya get.

Right by da beach mahn.... :thumbsup:

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