Torn Miniscus?

I twisted my knee hard riding last Sunday and upon first inspection it looks like a torn miniscus. I can't bend my leg up or straighten it out. I'm seriously bummed out. I'm having it seen by a specialist on Tuesday to find out exactly.

Anybody have a similar problem or could over some good advice?

I have had a torn miniscus. My knee would not lock straight. The cartilage was obstructing the joint's motion. It wasn't bad and was repaired by scoping my knee. That was done over ten years ago and all is fine now. I still have a few problems with the knee. I have jammed or twisted it a couple of times and caused it to swell enough internaly that my knee would not straighten or bend fully. But, this will go away in a a few hours to a week. If it didn't go away after the swelling subsided, I would think it was a cartilage tear.

A bad knee is like a tatoo. Once you get, you'll have it from now on. You can hide it....even forget about it....but its still there.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not trying to diagnose your's or anyone else's medical problem. I am just sharing my experience.

I had a knee injury 4 months ago that sounds similar to what you are describing. Still can't straighten out my knee all the way. Hold on, there is good news...

went to the doc (ortho), no torn ligaments, miniscus etc, just a good old fashioned sprain with maybe some bone bruising (ie - long recovery) I think I hyper extended it or smashed the femur against the tib/fib.

went to the pt lady to get it looked at and it seem that the inner part of my quadricep near the knee has atrophied from lack of use. this causes the knee cap to be pulled to the outer side of the leg and causes pain when trying to straighten my leg. she stretched the knee cap towards the inside of my leg and when I left my knee felt tons better walking. so it looks like some rehab for the knee along with the shoulder....

good luck!

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Sounds like a "bucket handle" tear. I had one that kept my knee bent at a 45 once. They scoped it on a Wednesday, and I could have raced on it the following Sunday, if I had taken better action to alleviate the swelling(my opinion, not the Dr.'s) I've had 4, and haven't missed a day of work because of them (had 'em on Fridays).If you get a Schmizer that pokes around in the joint for a while, instead of getting in and getting out, you might have a little "discomfort"

Congratulations Ramrod on your soon to be lifetime membership in the famous Blown out Knee club. The DR. will likely suggest Orthoscopy to trim and remove the damaged meniscus. Surgery lasts aprox.45 minutes and your back at home and walking the same day. If that’s the only damage you'll be riding again in 1-2 months. The key to a quick recovery is aggressive Physical therapy and sticking with it. By the way I just renewed my membership again for the 3rd time to join the Platinum club with an ACL reconstruction in June. Good Luck.

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I tore my miniscus a few years back when I broke my upper tibial plateu. Man that hurt bad. They had to scope my knee, to pin back down the portion of the miniscus that got torn up. I took a good 6 months to be able to fully extend or bend back, but after a year, I was pretty much 100%. Take care of it, get some good PT, you'll be back with a vengence!!!

Dodger :):D

Thanks guys for the advice, trust me, it helps. I'm just bummed out about possibly missing all of the good fall riding not to mention playing hockey in the winter. We'll see what happens, I've been into mountain biking for 5 years and just got back into Mx last year. If I can at least hop back onto the mountain bike this fall to help recover, I'll be a little happier.

I just thought of one thing that will cheer me up, a new YZ450 ... won't happen.

Just got out of an imobolizer about a month ago. The diagnosis was a medial meniscus tear (10 mms holding it onto the bone) and a severely strained medial colateral ligament. The doc said I was lucky and if I didn't do anything stupid (like ride) and stayed in the imobilizer, he could spare me the knife.

I did try to ride once after about 5 weeks and I could tell it was stupid, so I parked the bike and watched. It was hell to host the east coast TT ride and NOT be able to ride. But better to recover, than risk further injury and have a longer wait to ride.

Listen to the doc and do exactly what your told and you'll be fine. But as mentioned, the knee is never quite the same.


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