Chains, XRings, ORings, Strengths.. So many to choose from

Chain Tensil Strength of 6830 lbs. stock....

So that's the equivalent to the DID V520 O-Ring...

Right? So If I go with the VM520 X-Ring, I gain about 1290 lbs. more

strength, (and that should help with the stretching problem? What

about the RK 520XSO chain at 7280 lbs, $60.00, pre-stretched and

20000 mile warranty (1 yr. for the dirt.... 20k miles for the


Anyone used thre RK ? How about any other chains?

My assumption (correct me if I'm wrong...)

If I go with an O-Ring, "rivit-style/endless", 6830lbs. or higher

tensil strength 6830 lbs. or above... as long as it's a name brand

chain, I shouldn't have any issues..... Right?

Keep in mind, I am never off road on my XR650L Urban Commando....

Always on the tarmac....



If you aren't riding off-road or do much two up riding, the stock OEM DID O-ring chain is fine.

Proper adjustment and maintenance are the biggest factors for maximizing chain life and minimizing stretch. Keep the chain properly tensioned and always lubed. Too tight is (always) worse than just a little bit too loose.

I clean and lube my chains and sprockets every other ride since most of my riding is off-road. Where I ride I can't afford to have any failures.

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