Sticky Throttle

Well I'm frustrated as h***. Throttle sticks in position or returns to idle very slowly. Just replaced the throttle cable, cleaned and greased the throttle housing twice, throttle tube is is good shape as far as I can tell (no wearing, no cracks). Even removed the grip to make sure it wasn't causing the problem and trying sanding the tube (area that is covered by housing) with very fine sand paper to make it smooth. Any sugestions would be great appreciated, I'm going crazy try to fix this thing.

I had this problem also at one time. I tried everything you tried with no luck. It turned out too be very sensitive to cable routing. Just a guess but worth a try. Good Luck

Check out this thread below. There are some suggestiosn, this has come up before. One thing that was not mentioned is this....

remove the throttle cables and remove the carb, you should be able to hold the push/pull pullie and spin it (which activates the slide). Upon releasing this it should snap back (closed). This procedure will verify the carb is operating correctly.

Also, when i reassemble my throttle, I push the housing all the way on to the bar and then back it off 1/16" before you tighten the 2 phillips bolts. I have found that sometimes the end of the throttle housing can drag on the bar and cause for a slow return to idle. My daughters TTR90 came from the factory this way. Also check your throttle cable routing and do an experiment with your bars at the right and left extreme and see if something is binding in the cable or it behaves the same way at each extreme.

Let us know what it was so we can share the result w/ someone else down the road :)

Good Luck,


I pretty sure the proble is some where inside the housing. THe piece that splits in two and goes around the throttle tube. It works fine if I only place one side on and hold the other by hand. could i be missing a step when reassembling it? Could the housing be worn in a way which make it stick? Has anyone ever had to buy a completely new throttle?

Since these are both push, and pull throttle cable activated, make sure you have a tiny amount of slack in the return cable. If you do not, it will cause what you are describing. Maniac

I wasnt goint to post, but I thought of something else that hasnt been suggested. When you tighten up the throttle housing, make sure to do both srews evenly. I had the same thing after I changed out the throttle cables because they were frayed. It took me while to figure out what was happening. If one side is tighter than the other, it binds the tube somehow. Loosen the throttle tube up and see if the problem persists. if it clears, there ya go.

I had the same trouble as Shawn MC, I found if the upper cable is too tight, the return speed is greatly affected, and it didnt take much to make it stick either.

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