YZ450 Oil pump damage?

I recently had to tear down my 450 because of a seizure. Whilst waiting on new parts arriving I am cleaning everything im prep for rebuild. I was inspecting the oil pump and decided to take it apart because of a roughness I felt whiltst turning the gear. There are 2 impeller rotor things and the one in the inside is smaller than the external one that sits in the crankcase housing.

They are both marked and have some scratches as does the plate on the pump housing, So it has obviously picked up something. I talked to my dealer and he says that its pretty common for the pumps to get scratched thats just the way they are and not to worry about it??

Has anyone any advice please?

Thanks in advance

I would replace both of them since you are rebuilding, as well the seals ---------- you may want to look at the water pump impeller shaft & seals as well - it wears real fast - boyesen makes a nice replacement - better than stock.

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