01 426 desert tank????

I know that this topic has been beat to death on this site but I still need some input. I have been riding desrt for fun the last two years and will start racing this next season. I want to put on a larger tank but am stuck with which brand I should get. I am running an FMF power bomb header so I think that eliminates the Ty Davis tank. So that leaves IMS, Clarke, and Acerbis. I can't find any pics of the Acerbis anywhere so I am not sure of the fit/finish. I don't want something that raises the front of my seat up much if at all. Both the Clark and the IMS look like they do. From past postings I am leaning toward the Acerbis. Please lend me your experience so I can get on with this decision. Any pics of the Acerbis would be appreciated too. Thanks! jlsiowa@juno.com

Never seen a Clarke…

I have tried the IMS opaque and currently have a white Acerbis. I don’t know for certain that either will clear your header, both have a petcock on the right side (the Acerbis also has one on the left).

I do know that both will clear a PC header, which is up there pretty high, but on the Acerbis the petcock lever won’t rotate past the header so you would have to cut it off. The IMS is a little bit higher up, but not much. Either way you may find yourself worrying about a hot petcock.

Ordinarily on my Acerbis I just leave that side turned off. When I race I insulate that petcock by wrapping the header and putting some heat reflective tape on the petcock. I’ve even considered using the header off my ’00, it isn’t anywhere near either petcock. I am currently getting my ’01 header ceramic coated (for multiple reasons in addition to the hot petcock issue). I’m not concerned about catchin’ fire, but heating up your fuel isn’t conducive to consistent jetting or good performance. I saw an article where Ty Davis (or was it Campbell?), covers the entire underside of their tank with heat reflective tape.

As far as fit and finish goes the Acerbis gets the nod. It is more expensive but you can convert it to dry-break by just buying the top valve etc., it has a machined aluminum insert for the filler neck. The dual petcocks means you need two lines and a tee fitting, they supply a plastic one, which I broke one day trying to get at my choke, so plan on buying a brass one. You don’t have to bother with this on the IMS, but I imagine the Acerbis will do a better job of using up all the avail. fuel, should it ever come to that.

Lessee, riding position/ergonomics. Acerbis wins that too. It isn’t as slim as the IMS Ty Davis model, but it is noticeably slimmer AND lower than the IMS standard. I guess you could say it lies in between the Davis and Std. IMS as far as how low it carries the fuel, which is why it is slimmer and lower up top.

Finally, white and opaque tanks look trick when new, but ugly when used, especially the opaque version. Sure, you can see the fuel level w/ opaque tanks, but in my case this has never been a useful trait. I know when I need to pit ahead of time, and both tanks have big enough necks that you never end up overfilling (unless your pit crew ain’t paying attention).

Hope this helps.

I race desert and have been for a few years now. Having raced a 98/99 400, then the 00/01 426, I've had the opportunity to try all three tanks.

Acerbis - best fit, finish, dual petcocks, same slimness as Clark. Only drawback: screw holes for petcocks are drilled plastic not brass fittings like Clarke/IMS. This has caused some reliability problems with some other racers. I've been lucky thus far.

Clarke - not the best fit/quality, however, it is slim with dual petcocks. It is sturday like an IMS.

IMS - last on list. Good quality/thinkness/fit/finish, w/brass fittings for hardware - tops, but tank is too wide. Further, IMS does not supply petcock. You use your stock one. To further complicate things, you have to mount the petcock backwards and it sits an inch above the stock exhaust, you melt gloves etc. trying to get to it. It seems as if the engineers didn't put enough thought into it...

Go with Acerbis, get your own high quality gas lines, use your current fuel line cover to place on the line that you will run in between the carb and head. You will have to buy a different "t" connector that looks like a "y" instead of a "t" to bring the two fuel lines together (one from left petcock, one from right). These two will feed into a single line that will feed the carb.

Go with clear/natural so you can see the fuel and make better judgements of fuel usage during pre-runs. Also, I place horizontal gallon lines on the left side to let me know where I'm at during a race. There are times where a pit may not be necessary...

Oh, and Hick says what I would have said with respect to wrapping the header and using heat reflective tape on the underside of the tank.

Good luck.

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I guess i'll throw in my 2 cents on the tank issue

I bought the ty-davis tank late last year,the only 2 issues i had was that it only had one mount,would it put undue stress on the remaining mount? also how close the fuel line ran to the header,when i ran the bike the tank and the fuel line got pretty hot.both of these things may have never given me problems but...........

as far as the quality goes the davis tank looked well made and i really liked the fact that it held the fuel low(good thing and bad)and didn't get in the way of movement and looked great! anyway,i sold it and got the acerbis tank. other than it looks HUGE i love it, it still holds the fuel lower and even though it looks like it will crush my "fatherhood" it never has gotten in the way of movement,good quality also,although i do agree about the right side petcock,the levers are plastic and with my stock head pipe,if you turn it to the on position the lever is to close to the pipe,so i just run that one on the reserve position otherwise good choice.as far as the clarke or the std ims i can't say ive only had these two.

good luck


Originally posted by Bambislayer:

I do not know what is wrong with your IMS tank, but mine fits well is no wider than stock, only taller and lower.

I don’t either. It is much, much, much fatter than the stocker and much fatter than my Acerbis. Maybe they redesigned it. I bought mine probably two years ago, it did come with a petcock that was oriented properly.

Originally posted by Bambislayer:

As for the dual petcocks, I am confused. If the petcock is in the lowest place on the tank, you only need one…

Think about that for a second. There are TWO low spots, since the tank sits on the frame like a saddle on a horse. Open the cap and have a look. Sure, most of the fuel will splash over, but not all of it, all the time.

IMO the brass inserts / speed nuts for the petcock are just as problematic, if not more so, because they can spin in the plastic. The early IMS Davis tanks had problems with this, more than one TTalk member who purchased them had their petcocks come off and/or leak due to this problem.

I use a brass Tee for the two lines, it hangs just below my idle speed knob. I didn’t insulate the longer fuel line by the head but I used automotive fuel line, 3/8” I think, which is (obviously) much thicker than a stock fuel line or the line they supplied w/ the tank. Of course it is black and you can’t see the fuel in it, which like Dez Vet said could be a useful trait. I never thought about that.

At any rate I haven’t had any problems with this setup, and probably have 200 hours with it.

Hope this helps.

I do not know what is wrong with your IMS tank, but mine fits well is no wider than stock, only taller and lower. The extra on the bottom is a nonissue and the extra on top is barely noticeable. The petcock that came for my IMS tank is a left hand unit so you don't have to mount it backwards. Besides it is better than the stock one because it has reserve. The brass fittings are the only way to go. I have never seen an Acerbis tank and now I know why. That mickeymouse plastic stuff is cheap and dangerous if fuel starts leaking on the engine or exhaust miles from help. As for the dual petcocks, I am confused. If the petcock is in the lowest place on the tank, you only need one, not to mention I dirtbike to relax, if I wanted to have to learn another fuel system, I would go flying some more. Buy the clarke or the IMS. If I were to do it all over again, I would buy Ty Davis' IMS tank in blue if it is offered that way. Most stock like seat position, good quality, and decent price.

i have a IMS 3.5 gallon tank that i would like to sell but preferably trade for a stock tank. its on a 98 yz 400.

i have an Acerbis 3.4 gal clear tank set up for a dry break also, but i have the gas cap option. i love it, it doesnt raise the seat up any and its doesnt feel wide when sitting on the bike. drop me an email at luckie426@aol.com. Ill be glad to send you some digital pictures of the tank on my bike.

ian :)

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