wierd idle

I had my bike sound checked here awhile back and I couldn't make the bike stay at a steady RPM no matter how tight I held the loud handle. I would hold it steady and then the RPMs would drop off. WHATS WRONG?

Thanx, Jim

Have you disconnected your TPS yet? That seemed to fix the problem for me (mostly).

No the TPS is still connected.

My bike surges at any highway speed where I try to keep an even throttle too. My WR400 did this also but when I disconnected the grey wire it was gone. I disconnected the grey wire on this bike over a year ago and it still surges. I think that the two problims are connected. :thumbsup: Any other ideas?


Well guys, last evening after I got home from work I disconnected my TPS. This being National Ride To Work Day, I rode my WR450 to work. After it cleaned out from having the choke on too long, it does NOT seem to have the surge anymore. THANX GUYS!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: I haven't tried to see if the Idle is steady yet, just haven't checked. :devil:


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