Tire Sealant

I added a tire/tube sealant to my tubes. I have had good luck with this sealant preventing flats on 4X4 trucks.

I was suprised at the flimsy plastic nut holding the tube centered in the rim. When I added the sealant I put a regular nut on to prevent the stem from going into the rim.

What is the groups experience with sealants and have others changed the flimsy stem nut?

Any liquidous material in any tire, will cause the tire to become unbalanced on the rim. Especially at higher speeds...

I ran Slime in the front tire of my 400. Never had any more flats or issues of any kind. I just put heavy duty tubes on the 650. We'll see how they work.

I've had mixed experiences with sealants and stopped using them for off road motorcycle applications years ago. The Bridgestone 'Ultra' Heavy Duty tube works fantastic. I also use Fasstco's rim lock spacers. So far, the valve stems haven't moved even when running lower tire pressures.


My son's XR100 was always tearing the front tubes at the valve stem, but that bike didn't have a rim lock and grabbing a handfull of front brake over and over again eventually caused the tire/tube to spin on the rim even at normal air pressures. Installing a rim lock fixed this issue for him.

I have used sealant both trail riding and in off road races. It helps the HD tubes resist punctures. The down side is that patches wont stick to slime covered tubes. Bring a spare tube with you. I carry two (a front and rear). I know, a front can work in the rear, but a rear works better. Never had an issue with wheel imbalancing. Guess knobbies and off road travel take some balance out of the wheels to begin with. :thumbsup: After racing the Baja 500 using tire balls this past June on another fellows bike, I'm going to give them a try. No flats at all and ran on the pavement at 85+ and no melt downs either like foam gives you sometimes. I should be able to get a couple thousand miles from a set of tire balls (and two tires of course).

...and no melt downs either like foam gives you sometimes.

Ahhh, the Bib Mousse :lol: They're so fun to install and give you that nice mushy ride and they turn to jelly after a while, especially when the tire temps heat up :awww::thumbsup::devil:

The tire ball concept is certainly interesting and I would think it's much more promising, but its quite expensive for the recreational rider. Last time I checked, they were something like $260 per tire plus another $130 for the tools to properly mount them. There used to be some speed & longevity limitations published somewhere for the tire balls, but I don't see them published anymore. I guess the concept stemmed from using actual tennis balls in the tires and I've read comments from a few people who have used actual tennis balls with favorable results. I think the tire ball concept is a good choice for some, but it's hard to beat the cost / performance of an 'ultra' HD tube for the weekend warrior just out for the fun of it.

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