tracks in Florida...

any good places to ride in the melbourne, fl area?

I don't know of any in the Melbourne area but Pax Trac in Bunnel justnorth of Daytona is good and they just opened up a nice track in Waldo (see

Theres also a track about 45 minutes from melbourne, and one in Okeechobee, about 1:20 minutes away. There are places to ride that aren't organized tracks, but nothing to brag about. A new track opened up near Gainseville, haven't been there yet but I've heard good things about it.

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Whats happening with fellsmere?

I'm not sure about fellsmere, but here's the latest flyer that I received from Thundercross in Okeechobee (very fun track). They're having some races there the next couple of weekends (info in the flyer).

Thundercross Flyer

I'll be there at least twice a week practicing, then racing in the fall.

I'll split up practice sessions between there and dania.

Moroso is building an AMA outdoor motocross track that will supposedly be ready in november-december.

God I cant wait for that.

Do you race?

The word out is Mesa Park(Fellsmere) property was bought by two doctors from Vero Beach and is slated to become a golf course. It seems the Commisioning Board of Fellsmere thinks motorsports bring in a bad element to the area. Which is a huge joke, if anyone has ever spent much time near there. Its all about the $$ the new golf course and subdivisions will bring in.

Hey Omega, thats great news about Moroso, thats not too far away from Melbourne. Keep the updates coming!!

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No races for me YET. Definitely on the to-do list. As soon as I can get at least one ride a week in for a couple of weeks in a row then I'm going to sign up. I'm all over moroso when the track is ready, it's only about 20 min from my house. I hope it's going to be a big fun track, that would be a dream to have something so close! Shoot me a pm or something next time you head to thundercross. I'm going to try to be there for practice next saturday, if you're htere lok for a white tacoma 4x4 with a beach umbrella (no ezup yet..heh..). :)

Mesa being sold to people who intend to develop it makes me sick, but that seems to be the norm here. Anyone with some land sells out to developers asap and it becomes way expensive housing and/or a golf course...

Well, you wont be able to miss me.

I'll be on the sickest 2003 525sx you've ever seen, all black bodywork with the orange tank.

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