YZ450 Blown 4th Gear!!! $1000.00 Repair

4th gear went out on the bike. Looks like the repair will cost about 1000 bucks. Any suggestions or advice for getting this fixed? Any gotcha’s in repairing myself? Any special tools needed if I do myself. I am a bit concerned that other issues my be looming. I hate to tear down and fix 4th gear just to find that 3rd goes next month or top end needs replacing. Any experiences you can share around this would be appreciated..

What about changing to a WR 5 speed. Since the thing is opened up this may be a good time. I never liked the 4 speed anyway. Anyone done this? What’s’ the cost? Anything special needed..

Check your pm's

i had to replace a bent shift fork & 2 gears if you have some mechanical skills you shouldnt have to much of a problem & save yourself a lot of $'s gears only cost 30 to 40 dollars apiece plus gaskets about 40 bucks just make sure you inspect everything in the trans & engine while its apart $ replace anything suspect.

Its not just a matter of replacing the gears. Everything had to be within spec to function properly. Like bearings, the way the gears mount on the shaft. You should always replace both parts of a mated pair. I heard someone installed WR gears in their YZ450 on here and said everything fit! Thats about all I heard though... :thumbsup:

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