My TA is on the way!

Was sent out this morning by one of our fellow tt'ers. Cant wait to put it on and ride. Hopefully it will get here wednesday so I can put it on and do some track testing. It's like waiting for christmas... :)

Are you getting a Trans-Am? with the eagle on the hood?

i still think he's talking about his Top Alcohol dragster :)

With a hood scoop and tail fin too? Dang, must be nice...

Oh, wait, He could be talking about getting a BF Goodrich all-terrain TA. Didn't know they made them for bikes........

When he gets that pipe bolted on there, he's gonna think he's riding a top alcohol dragster.


My advice, take it easy for the first lap and a half. Your bike it going to be so different that you could hurt yourself. Im not kidding.

I demo'd my pipe before I bought it. I went out and over jumped everything on the course. I hurt both my wrists landing on the flat, simply because the bike was pulling out of the corner that much harder.

Also, I almost looped it out in 3rd, with the stock gearing, when the thing just kept pulling. So take it easy and feel out your new beast, before it bites ya. :)

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