Good tracks in Georgia?

Hey guys,

Looks like we may be taking a short vacation to Georgia.

We are planning to stay with my sister in the Dalton/Calhoun area north of Atlanta on I75.

We plan on coming up July 28th and would be free to ride with any of you Friday the 30th or Sat 31st.

It would be cool if we could meet up with some fellow TTalk folks and go riding...I prefer MX mostly so....anyone up

for some riding?

I'd like to hear about some of your tracks...let me hear it all :thumbsup:

Thanx in advance

Hey it really depends on what is open. Go to it will list out most of the tracks.

Thanx for the links,

Both will be helpful.....are you guys going to be riding...if so PM me and we'll trade off numbers...I'm ready to get a taste of the famous Georgia Red Clay.

I'm interested in the Calhoun SX track...can anyone give me some feedback on this track?


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