Jetting help

I live in portland Oregon. Close to sea level. not to humid and temps go from 30 to 90 eg. days. My bike backfires and Sometimes is hesitent to blast off on a quick throdle. I want to know what to do to stop it and help my problem. A JD jetting kit is in my future but I need help now. :thumbsup:


First off, order the JD kit. Second, these bikes have a tendancy to run lean. You need to richen your mixture. Also to get more help it would be a good idea to list what main you're running and the clip position on your needle. :devil: You say your close to sea level but do you know what your current jetting is? :thumbsup:

I live farther south than you but if you look at my signature line it shows the setup that works for me, I usually lean it by a 1/4 turn when I go to the Dunes and ride.Knowing your current setup would help to fix it, also I agree most bikes from the dealer are jetted lean.

I have a 165 main and the neddle is in clip 4

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