jelly balls in coolant

I had an old (10 yr old) left over bottle of spectro "year round" coolant in the garage that I was going to use but I noticed that it had some clear little globs in it, they looked like tiny clear jello globs. So I got 2 new bottles. Much to my surprise the little globs are in the new bottles too. Has anyone seen this before? Is this stuff likely to coagulate inside my cooling system and plug everything up?

If I remember correctly (questionable), I believe those little globuals are a sort of conditioner or leak protector for your cooling system. Even brand new bikes from the factory come with a sort of "Bars Leak" leak protector already installed. Maniac

Many times, that's the anti-foam and anti-corrosion inhibitors.

It's found in most coolant/antifreeze products.

Once in the system, it's blended back in.

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