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What are everyones thoughts if I pull the hot start button on warm properly jetted 02 426 in South Texas 80% humidity 95F. I would think it would make the bike pop and crack i.e. lean. It doesn't, just makes it idle at a higher speed. The bike some times hiccups coming out of turns with aceleration bumps and hiccups over every jump, I first thought it might be float height, checked out good, next thought was air screw or pilot fuel jet. This bike seems to be really touchy if the air filter is even slightly dirty

Try leaving the hot start on, running through a few gears, and then letting the bike slow down w/ engine braking. It will pop.

My bike will die at idle with the hot start on.

It may not make sense, but it sounds like you MAY be rich on the idle circuit.

The hiccup out of turns sounds like it may be a bit lean on clip position. You come out of the turn, gas it, and it chokes on the extra air.

When I hear the word bog I think rich, hiccup I think lean. But it is hard to say w/out actually experiencing what you are describing.

Hope that helps. :)

Have you cleaned the pilot air jet at the intake bell (airbox side of the carb)b?

Has it always done this?

Does it only happen when it is warm or humid?

I have a stock '01 in Houston. I'm running stock jetting except 40 pilot and needle on 3rd position from top.

It started this 4 weeks ago. Tried going lean on every circuit and then rich, no help either way. I also noticed today that the bike ran fine for the first few laps then it acted a fool. I stopped and parked it for a hour or so, same thing a few laps ran like a raped ape got hot then it started again. I am going to be checking my valve train tonight.

To be more specific about hiccup and bogging, its not either one really its like shutting off the throttle for a split secod, but more like bogging than hiccup to use the other gentlemans terms.

Pilot jet was clean, as was the main, havent checked the air jets yet however

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