94 XR650 L camshafts...

Hey there TT gang!!I'm a new member looking for some help.I just put in a new stock Honda cam with decompression on it in my bike.If I set the valves to spec on the compression stroke at TDC,the clearance is fine,but when you start it,the thing is noisy.I checked the exhaust valve and 360 degrees after the compression TDC,the exhaust rocker is very loose.I can't see anything wrong with the rockers,they all move freely,don't bind and aren't worn bad.I have no idea what to do.The Honda shop here doesn't know,go figure!Anyways,if someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.Cheers!

Is it just the exhaust rocker that is loose, or is the intake rocker loose too. If so, it makes me think that the valve lash was set at overlap TDC, instead of compression stroke TDC. If that is the case, then all of the rockers will be very loose. Make sure your cam lobes are facing downward, when you adjust your lash. I hope that helps.

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