when are 03 yz450f's going to be at dealers???

iam looking to trade in my 02 wr250 for a yz 450 and wondering if anyone has seen them yet[maybe on west coast?]or has information when they will be available?? ive heard august and sept. thanks

Hey Mtbiker, I live just over the MD line in PA and I have a yz450 on order right now. I am supposed to get one from the first shipment from a dealer in Bel-Air, MD when they come in. They tell me it will be late august.

Yamaha's web site still has Aug as release date. It could be late Aug thought and still not reach dealers until Sept. I am supposed to get the first one my dealer gets. I have already sold my current bike and I really hope my new 450 comes before all the big Labor day races.

I called NCY and they said the first 450 arrived at a dealership down the road today...and they are expecting their 450 on Mon-Tues. The dealership I work at expects the 450's to be invoiced early next week (we already got the posters and demos videos with Dubach test riding it, the 450 looks LIGHT) Later,


Motoman ya need to get some pics of the new beast asap

Once ya got it in the garage and tucked in :)

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