Some Valve Options?

I bent all ov my intake valves and now need to replace them. I really don't care about the lightness of the titanium because there $85.00 apiece. Can you buy less expencive valves or is there a discount site somewere to save some money? HELP :thumbsup:

you can fit SS valves, but will need to shim the springs to get some extra seat pressure. Obviously after doing this you will need to check for coil bind.


Shimming the springs won't solve the problem if your bike is a Ti valved bike (I didn't see any info on your bike in the post). Sure, the shims will create more seat pressure but it won't affect the spring rate (built in to the spring); the springs are still designed for the lighter weight Ti valves. The heavier SS valves need higher spring rates to keep them under control otherwise at higher RPM's you will start to float your valves. This will both act as a rev limiter and potentially create contact between piston and valve. Believe me this is the last thing you want after spending the money to fix your current problem. At best you will hurt your performance and burn your valves, at worst you'll grenade your engine. Spend the money and do it right. :thumbsup:


How did you bend ALL of your intake valves anyway??

What did you do??

Run the KMPi valves with pre-'01 springs.

I have run this conversion with no problems.

some how my cam chain cam loose and it F-ed up the timing for my bike and one thing led to another.

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