Help installing the GYT-R Ti header on my WR stock muffler

First of all will that work? I got the new header today and the stock WR Muffler has a rubber whatchamacallit just on the inside of where the new header will go into the stock muffler pipe. Shoud I remove it or will that cause a problem? I am supposed to be getting a YZ muffler sometime. Still waiting on it to arrive. But I wanted to go ahead and mount it if I can.


should be fine, the rubber ring is most likely a gasket to stop leaks and keep water from getting into the pipe, you can istall the GYT-R header to a standard pipe.

Good deal. I will go ahead and install it tonight then. I thought it would be fine, just wanted to make sure. I would like to put it on with the YZ muffler, but I don't think it is gonna be here any time soon. :thumbsup:

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