yz 426 aftermarket rods limited production

As we know it nobody makes a good after market rod for the 426. I've spoke with both carrillo and falicon neither of them have one available carrillo will not have one for several months, however the boys at falicon said if we could rally up at least four of us 426 riders in need of high performance rods. They will run a set of them special order. These will be the knife rods I believe you can check them out at faliconcranks.com The rods will be priced high because it is a special order 210.00 a piece, but worth every penny. If anyone is interested please get ahold of me trxmxr@hotmail.com or 269-317-0198 so I can set this up thanks.

I'd be looking for a crank and combo set up. With a longar stroke.

You can run the falicon stroker cr-f rod in a 426.

It is .060" longer than the stocker but is a direct replacement.

I run two base gaskets to correct the squish.

There is no problems running this rod, I have done it in a few motors.

Just a fyi.

Thanks! Good info. How do you think that would hold up to extreme mods? Such as 13.5.1 bore over 450 and methanol alcohol and nos injection. Possibly with a boost (supercharger/turbo) setup in the future? :thumbsup::devil:

BTW: I'm building a Frankenstein motor! :awww:

i would be interested in one of those. im planning on doing a big bore kit for my '00 yz426 and i want to go all out. keep us informed of whats going to be happening and when.

Just talk to the tech guy at falicon, I think his name is Frank.

Tell him you want a stroker cr-f rod on your 426 crank and he will do the rest.

Dealer is 300$ installed.

The weight is close enough to stock that rebalancing is not requisite.

The falicon rod is also bushed with ampco 45 a high nickel bronze on the small end so the small end galling of the stock rods are a thing of the past.

Do you have there website? So I take it they are a full performance shop.

Do you have there website? So I take it they are a full performance shop

Falicon Cranks

Falicon specialize in cranks and rods, and IMO they are the best in the world at it. Just ask any Pro Stock Bike racer. They do sell other stuff too.

i emailed them last night and got a reply today. this is what i was told.

"We have a stroker crank/rod combination for the 426. The stroke is 66mm and when used with a 97mm piston makes a 488.

Modification to your crank is about $750, this may vary somewhat if we need to replace any bearings.

This price includes custom balancing.

We have 97mm J&E pistons and can do the cylinder work.

You will have to install a spacer plate under your cylinder and lengthen the cam chain"

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