LaRocco's Leap Amazing Pictures

Some of these are 03 but most are from this year. Talk about "Big Air"







Watch out #29 ricky is gonna land on you!

Awesome pictures! :thumbsup::devil::awww:

The pics don't do it justice once you've been there and seen it :thumbsup:

Great pics - if I was #29, I'd start haulin ass or hope that RC has another landing strip picked out :thumbsup:

Where is this big hit at? some fat airs.... :thumbsup:


This jump is at Red Bud MX in Buchanan, MI. I have ridden this track myself and the takeoff for this jump looks like a 20 foot high wall that goes straight up. Pretty intimidating.

How on earth do you get the stones to try that one the very first time?

Red Bud Pro Track. I've ridden it. Awesome. They also have this down hill ski slope jump. Suggestion, dont hit it in 5th gear wide open when the wind is gusting like 30mph. YOU'LL CRASH!! :thumbsup: I know from experience. :devil:

How on earth do you get the stones to try that one the very first time?

Must be written into their multi-million dollar contract. :thumbsup:

#29 is your west coast sx champ Ivan Tedesco.

A couple years ago when David Bailey was doing espn, espn estimated they where 45 feet in the air, thats during a race not fmx.

Its definetly something you need to see in person...very cool pics! :thumbsup:

That is bad ass! I love the one of RC. :thumbsup:

And if ya think ya got the stone's to try it come on out this Sunday, open practice on the pro track. :thumbsup:

I've done the double plenty - no prob. I keep telling myself I can do the whole leap, but at 43 years of age I think more of the consiquence of coming up short. :devil:

Nah,,, what do I have to prove, the double double is enought for this old man :awww:

Oh, and by the way, the #29 rider (Ivan Tedesco) is the only rider I saw in the 125/250F class that tried it during the moto. :awww:

I saw it on ESPN2 from one angle and captured it with my camcorder from another angle. He just baerly made it, but it was real cool. The fans were screaming for him to try it every lap from then on. :thumbsup::devil::lol:

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