spongy front brake

My front brake is spongy on the old thumper. I tried bleading the brakes to see if that was the problem, but it was not. The brake pads do not seem to be worn. Maybe I need a new cable. Any advise.

Sorry i posted twice

Just a question

Is it always like this or does it fade as your ride?

I would highly doubt that anything is wrong with your brake hose. Sometimes bleeding all of the air bubbles out can be tricky. Try this. Take your caliper off of the bike, and bleed normally. Now, with pistons completely extended, use a screwdriver to force open the brake pads. CAREFULL! This will cause you to back feed your reservoir, which might overflow if not watched carefully. Usually this will rid your system of all air, and you will have excellent brakes again. Maniac

Do yourself a big favor, get an after market line, change the brake pads, and you'll be very happy with your front brake again. My 00' brakes were very spongy, after only 6 months. I bled the thing until I was blue in the face, it didnt help at all. The new brake line made the most difference. Just my $.02.

I wouldn't rule out a bad brake line. I had a bike that when you pulled the brake lever, the line would expand and the brakes would not work at all. But if they work at all, this probably isn't the problem.

Thanks for the help. I will try bleeding them again and getting some new brakepads and see how that works.

I have a way of bleeding the front brake that works very well. This is sompthing that I have come up with from early KX models that would never bleed right. This may not fix your problem totaly but if it still has the spongy feeling I would have to say that the brake line is bad.First you need a oil can with the metal hose on it.Make sure that the can has no oil in it this will contaminate the brake seals. Then you will need a pice of clear hose to go on the end of the can. You should pump the can untill the hose has no air in it. Next open bleeder install hose. Remove rezavor cap. Next you need to pump the can untill you see all of the air come out on top. Onca this has been done close the bleeder and pump up till hard you will also have to bleed like normal. Now bleed at the top banjo bolt at the master. This is the way the pros do it. if you need a brake line or more help please feel free to email me at rob@barnumspro.com

I would be willing to bet the prob is the brake line. Try the cheap fixes first and if not solved, a new fastline is in your future.

The new fastline was an instant fix for me as I had the same prob after about 6-8 months.

I haven't bled the brakes on my thumper yet, but on my roadrace bikes we would take the handle end of a screwdriver and tap on the resivoir as you pump the lever during bleeding. You would be surprised how many bubbles you will get just by doing this.

Both my YZ and WR front brakes get spongy now and then.

Try this, turn the handel bars to the left so the master cylinder is up hill. Then push the caliper pistons into the caliper about 1/8 inch and let it sit like that all nite.

Next day pump brake lever to push pistons back out.

Works good for me and its free.

My YZ has steel braded CR routing front brake line and still gets spongy now and then.


Don't overlook the obvious... it usually happens with rear brakes but the fluid could have gotten "cooked" In any case, it will break down with age.

Flush out the old stuff and put in some good Motul.


Stainless steel brakeline.

CR Honda kit is preferred, but SS is THE ONLY way to go!

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