spongy front brake.

My front brake is spongy on the old thumper. I bleaded the front brake and it did not make a difference. Maybe I need a new cable? Not sure, any advise.


Sorry I posted twice.

Bleed it again. You may have a bad line. They dont last forever. Leave the cap off the resi while bleeding the system. Also, use a piece of clear tubing, into a clear container, make sure the tubing end is submerged into brake fluid, so you dont suck air back up, and slowly pump the lever. Dont bother with the whole "pump it up and hold it, now crack the bleeder, then snug the bleeder, and pump it back up" routine. Just keep filling the the resi and pumping the fluid through. Sometimes tapping the caliper while slowly pumping the lever can aid removing a stubborned bubble. Get some brake cleaner too, inevitabley you get brake fluid on the rotor. Dont let the resi run empty while pumping, youll just end up where you started. Good luck :)

Thanks for the help.

The ANSWER is ...

Stainless steel front brake line. You can go stock or Honda type re-route kit.

As long as you ARE NOT planning on putting on a headlight, go w/ the Honda kit. It does have a SPECIFIC length brakeline for it.

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