Put money down on a new 03 650R today

I just put money down on a 03 XR650R brand new. It was $4500 and I have wanted this bike since it came out thus I am very excited :thumbsup: I live in Colorado springs (6500 ft alt) and am purchasing it in Kansas so I know jetting will be screwed when I get it home. Any Colorado riders out there have jetting specs for the area?

From what I hear you need to remove the snorkel, replace stock carb manifold, install HRC tip, and rejet. Anything I'm missing? I planned on atleast leaving it stock for a break in and then uncorking. I sure hope it's easier to take apart than my DR350 was!

See www.xr650r.us for all kinds of good XR650R info including jetting specs, tips, tricks, uncorking info, etc...

Congratulations! Nothing more fun then being the first one to ride a new bike. Do yourself a favor and only ride it once with it corked up only so you will get the big grin factor once you un-corked it. Don't wait to break it in first. It was never meant to run all choked off the way it comes from the factory. Have fun.

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