Engine ticking and slight knocking?

I was told its normal to tick that its just the valves, but I also hear not like a loud knocking but slightly from the cylinder. I run 93 octain, which is the highest I can get at local gas stations. Is that normal?


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My buddies cousins best friends girlfriends dad said that if you run it without oil the tick and knocking will stop fairly quickly.

A little sugar premix always works for me.

No No !!! this is not normal if your bike is a YZF I would be a little concerd if I was you. The YZF is a duel over head cam. This is a shim under bucket this is a very quiet setup. I would take my bike to a reputble shop for inspection.

Rob Barnum.

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These engines are pretty noisy as far as methanical type noises (as opposed to exhaust noise) but if you can hear a distinct tick and/or clunk then that doesn't sound right. Did it just start doing this recently? For the ticking, a quick valve clearance check will tell you if the valves are the culprit. They typically get tighter as time goes on though. For the cluck, if your bike is a pre '01 then check your counter balancer shaft to see if it's loose. There are lots of threads on that here. Also check other odds and ends in the case, such as the clutch (is it loose), etc.. If you can't find anything obviously wrong then you may have to look further. You should not hear a distinct clunking. Is it only at idle, or at all speeds?

When I rev it seems to stop?

Pave you recently posted that you have had zero problems with your bike. Ya see, ya didnt knock wood did ya?

The noise isnt common. Id find it. Being a you dont have to worry about the counter balancer drive because its splined as opposed to keyed, like the 00. If your getting the noise from the top end, take the valve cover off and start inspecting. Make sure you dont have a broken valve spring or something.

Also, if you want to get some better gas and run it to see if the noise goes away, that a lot easier than rippin into the motor. 91 should be ok, these bikes have a 3D ignition map so they can get away with 12.5:1 compression and junk gas. If you go get some gas, just get some 100, you really dont need anymore than that. VP C-12 works well. I run 76 100 octane unleaded with complete satisfaction. The nice thing you get with competion fuels is consistencey. You dont have the whole "winter gas" "summer gas" deal. Some guys have spent hours dialing in jetting, then had the gas station get a new seasonal formulation and the jetting specs go out the window.

My buddies 02 KTM has the same noise and it is brand new and the dealer said nothings wrong. Maybe I stated it wrong. Are you supposed to hear any noise?

Absolutly not no noise nadda nothing.

The engine should purr like a kitten and the only noise you should here is the exhaust noise.

I thought you are a factory rider for Yamaha??

Why don't you have your factory mechanic tear that scoot down for ya' and tell you whats REALLY goin' on.

I know whats goin' on, you aint even got a scoot do ya'???

If it's a clear knocking then that's not right. I would find out what it is before you ride it any more. Or find another 426 to compare it to just to see if you're psyching yourself out and the noise is really normal. Good luck!

Originally posted by Slymax:

My buddies cousins best friends girlfriends dad said that if you run it without oil the tick and knocking will stop fairly quickly.

Good enough for the girls I go out with!

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