Help with the throttle mod...

I want to do the throttle stop mod on my '04 WR 450. I want to replace it with the YZ throttle stop. I talked to the mechanic at the Yamaha dealership, he said there is no shorter YZ throttle stop to replace the WR, that I have to cut the WR one. Reading the forum here, a lot of guys have bought them. Where can I get the part? Do I need to go to a different dealer? Thanks.........

Take a look @

The part number is listed there

Try a different dealer or look the part number up yourself at the Yamaha website.

Tell your dealer to do some homework and read up on That way he doesn't look like a idiot the next time someone asks him a question.

Thanks for all your help. I got the part number and now I can go buy it. I thought that would be easier than hacking the longer one...

Streetbikepimp im a little scared to click on your link to LOL :thumbsup:


I'm an engineer. I suck at spelling.

Have your dealer look in the Yamaha Bulletin Book. There is a whole section on setting up the WR for "closed course" use. It should have the stop number and, I think, there is info on the grey wire mod.

If you still can't get the pn let me know. I bought one from the dealer near me and I may be able to find the receipt. By the way, the stop does not work on the 1998 WR.

I just took mine to the grinder. kinda easy just messure twice cut once or is that with wood. what ever my stop works so I figure I did kinda good. :thumbsup::devil:

I was just in the garage and found a Yamaha part wrapper. I am pretty sure that it was for the throttle stop screw. the pn is 5JG-14591-00. Make sure that you have the dealer check before you order.

Correct. From 2004 YZ450F parts fiche:

5JG-14591-00-00 .SCREW

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