WR400 owners???

My boss is looking at getting a WR400. Any problems that they had over and above the usual 426 stuff? Any year models that are best avoided?


gday Hamish, ive got a 99, the only things i would look for are, the throttle slide..., make sure the bearings in the swingarm and linkage are still good, u have to loosen the header to change the oil filter, apart from that i think their a top bike, and check the accelerator pump arm, and diaphram for wear, dirt and crap gets in easy,

Cheers :thumbsup:

I've got the '00 400 and from what I understand most of the problems related to the '98/'99 models were resolved in the '00. I've only had mine for a short time and so far nothing to report problem wise....

if there's a problem specific to my bike, i sure the hell haven't found it.. i'd score it a 11 on a scale of 10 and bulletproof basically

uncork the pipe and maybe file the throttle stop a bit for a little extra arm ripper, and thats all i've done to mine

so what problems are you guys talkin about anyways???

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