Important: Grey Wire test on a WR426 test?

If I remember correctly when I installed the VORTEX ignition in my former 99 WR400 there was no connection from the Vortex ignition for the grey wire on my bike. The Vortex did not have connection for it. Since I sold the bike to a friend a few weeks ago it will take a while for me to absoutly verify this but thats how I remember it. I should have mentioned this to the forum two years ago when I first installed the Vortex ignition since I defenately took a mental note of it.



Since most that posts here have made many modifications (different exhaust, timing, jetting, etc.) I thought I would bring up that possibly more change could be felt on a completely stock bike. My behind-the-house course is very tight and most of it is spent accelerating through the mid-range, so I feel I was accurate.


My '01 WR426 is pretty much stock - maybe I'll stick a switch on the offending wire this weekend, and see if I can get some semi-objective results by dupicating runs with it connected, and disconnected. My only problem is the offending bike that dropped on my ankle and tore a bunch of ligaments, and I'm just off the crutches and out of the brace this week....but why let that stop me! I'm definitely ready to ride, but will just have to see how the ankle feels about it this weekend....maybe a few runs down the equivalent of the bunny slope?

Originally posted by Taffy:


if your going to test, test properly. i'm suprised so many people have gone for a quick thrash & said it's a big improvement.

give up at least a whole morning & do justice to your back-to-back testing.


for &%$#@!s sake we (you) look silly enough as it is given that it's only taken four years for this mod to be mentioned! i don't think you ought to crow about this one in the bar lads-do you!!!

so let's take it nice & slow & get it right. it's great to hear of yet another all win/no lose , mod if it works.



Taffy, Please enlighten us on the "proper test procedure." If we are to be repremanded for sharing our experiences on this topic, explain how we can avoid this in the future. Do it once and we will all take note so you do not have to get carpal tunnel repeating yourself. Because as much as I enjoy your encouraging, objective, and polite posts you may be getting tired of having this burdon.

Just trying to help you out -

a friendly "over the pond" neighbor

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