04 Starter upgrade side cover bushing

Getting ready to do the mod. The bushing will save the purchase of a new 04 cover, so I understand.

Forum searches on the subject shows that Yamaharichey was going to make some. Thats all I could find. Does anyone know if they can be purchased? Part number, etc.? Mine is a Canadian model. I assume there is no difference in the parts from the US model.

Also, I was thinking about first pulling the side cover off to see if it is cracked before purchasing the bushing. If it is cracked, I have to get the cover anyways. Maybe I should buy all the parts first before tearing into it. Any thoughts on this. Thanks in advance for any input. :thumbsup:

I made a couple of them.

You can get the bushing at your friendly Yamaha dealer.

P/N 90380-10002-00 Bushing, Solid

Some dealers have a hard time finding it listed but it is available. Should be under a buck!

Thanks guys...

If you want one PM me your address.

They will just sit on my shelf for 10 years until I throw them out.

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