Add 1000 RPM

Has anyone tried one of those CDI Box / Rev Limiters that claim to add 1000 RPM and are sold on e-bay?

They put the rev limiter at a specific RPM for a reason, I wouldn't raise the limit on a stock motor personally. Just asking for problems.

I agree with Sir %100...better springs would be a must...and with a canister exhaust, you might be making less HP than a 125 at the new rev limit :thumbsup:

Correct me if i'm wrong but you allready have 13,500 RPM's max. My suggestion is learn how to ride. Go get your bike dynod and you will see that you have no power up that high in rpm's. Plus it will tear your mototr apart. 2-smokes have far less then that.

The 450s hit the limiter at 11,200. You might be thinking of the 250 rev limit.

Good points. I think I'll stick with stock. It's not like I need the extra RPM anyway. If I want to go faster maybe I should shift gears instead. What a concept.

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