New 04 WR450.....trouble already!!!!


Befow, are the part numbers you will need to upgrade your 03 Yamaha to the 04 starter configuration. Prices are retail in the USA.

5TJ-15498-00-00 COVER ASSY 2, $31.83

5TJ-15560-00-00 WASHER, $223.99

90201-105A8-00 WASHER, PLATE, $3.65 (2EA REQUIRED),

90380-10002-00 BUSH, SOLID, $.76

These nomenclatures are directly from the Yamaha parts catalog and must lose something in translation from Japanese to English. The $223 Washer is the Torque Limiter Gear (it comes with the gears and the axle shaft, DO NOT order the axle shaft separately which is possible). Install the two "Washers, Solid" with one on each side of the "Torque Limiter Gear". Tap the "Bush(ing), Solid" into the side case until it is flush with the inner surface. It is split and does not require the heating/cooling technique usually used to seat press fit bushings or bearings, just tap it in with a soft hammer or hammer and a block of wood until flush with the case inner surface. You don't need a new O-ring for the "Cover Assy 2", just use the old one from the original cover. You DO NOT need the L/H Side Case Assy

5TJ-15411-10-00, $92.49 as was specified in a previous post. The bushing you will purchase for under $1.00 eliminates that requirement. Some dealers have had a hard time finding the solid bushing in their index--- be insistant--- the part number above is correct and the part is available. If need be, shame them into looking harder by threatening to go to a dealer that knows what they are doing :.)

If you are slow and take time to inspect the entire job, it should take all of 10 minutes. I think that this update is an absolute must for peace of mind. My woodruff key has been loctited, but the update is the answer to eliminating the chance of shearing the woodruff key in the future.

If you have trouble getting parts, Motoworld of El Cajon (near San Diego, California) can't be beat!!!

Sorry Madbajan. In a moment of total brain fade, I sent you a post that was meant for another email thread. I don't think changing your starter gear with help your jetting problem, buttttttt you never know???? :thumbsup:

I love my 03 WR450. Yamaha didn't handle the 03 starter/woodruff key issue well, but besides that, its been a rock solid bike for most of us. Nobody is having any other real problems, and the bike if extremely fun to ride.

Get it set up right, and start puttin on the miles!!! :thumbsup:

Its the thought that counts Bajafool :devil: A big thanks to all the rest of the WR riders who have taken time to try and help. Next time I see this WR I will have the relavant info and jets. Wont be for a while as I live in the tropics and this WR is in Canada but had to do some research and feel relaxed that its not a terminal thing. I am so impressed with the WRs and cant believe no other Jap bikes have come close in the last 5 years?? Yamaha has a way of taking bold steps where no one else has gone..... :thumbsup:

I've had 4 WR's in a row... All of them had thousands of hard race miles on them and never missed a beat, not one dnf.. My KTM is 5 months old and has had three oil leaks and has been to the shop twice.... Whoooo Hoooooo...

Jet the thing and be happy..... :thumbsup:

I love it Dan! :awww: Real world high speed desert racing is truely a hard test on the bike. You are confirming what most of us love about the WR. Great performance and great reliability! :thumbsup: I hope you come back to blue with your next bike. :devil:


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