Another coolant question

Yet another coolant question. I tried the search filter but thought I would just throw this out there:

I have been running Honda Pro coolant but have been getting gurgling coolant at slow speeds. I am thinking about swithching to EngineIce.

What is better for my piggy, Honda Pro Coolant or Engine Ice?

Thanks in advance, :thumbsup:


Good question redmanrandyed,

After much research I would go with neither one. Infact, what I have found to work the best is urine. Yes, just piss in the radiator. Works for me! :thumbsup:

Either one will work just fine. Toyota's silicate free red coolant will also work just fine along with many other brands of coolant products. You just don't want to pour in the older green Prestone stuff still that's filled with silicates or use tap water that's filled with minerals.

I would have to vote for the engine ice, ive got it in my 450 (which boiled bad (slow trails) on honda pro i use in the 650) no more boiling, no signs of it even puking a little bit with engine ice. I think im going to put it in the 650 too. It is pricey though, and you have to completely flush the system with water first to get all the old coolant out, but its worth it. just my .02, JR

Does the prestone low tox have the silicates or is that not a part of the PG mix?

Does the prestone low tox have the silicates or is that not a part of the PG mix?

I went on-line and asked the fine folks at Prestone if thier Low Tox product contained silicates. It took a few days, but they finally sent me an e-mail back:

Hello Mr. Attack:

Thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question, Yes. Prestone Low Tox Antifreeze Coolant does contain silicates. If you need additional information please let us know.




Thanks for the follow up. I was going to go buy some of the Low Tox just to save a few bucks over the bike specific stuff especially if the extra cost was due to marketing hype. Now I'm not so sure :thumbsup:

After I recieved the first reply, I asked them another question:

Does Prestone make a propylene glycol based coolant that does not contain silicates?

Next day, I recieved an e-mail from them saying:

Hello Mr. Attack:

Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in our products. To answer your question our Prestone Low Tox

contains silicates. Unfortunately we do not have a propylene glycol based coolant that does not contain silicates.



The Toyota Red coolant doesn't contain silicates and is fine for our engines along with several other products, but one of the keys is to find a coolant without silicates. Ethylene Glycol based coolants offer some slight cooling advantages over Proylene Glycol, but PG is less toxic. The Honda HP cool isn't all that expensive and it's also a good product.

Evans NPG+ This stuff doesnt boil without a radiator cap (no pressure) until over 350 F. Your engine is toast at that temperature. It has no water in it.

PG that is in engine ice is in other products. The point I am tring to make is that engine ice is alot of $$$$$ of packaging. You find a nich pump it up with hipe and you have poelpe shelling out major $$$$$ for something and is somewhere else for less. Nology spark plug wire...on the bike I think it started easier!!!!! :thumbsup: and it just maybe but, then again it always started with one kick when tuned.

From: AMSOIL Technical Services

Thank you for contacting AMSOIL with your concerns.

In response to your inquiry, AMSOIL Propylene Glycol Antifreeze/Coolant (ANF) is classified as low silicate and suitable for silicate free specifications.

Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to your concerns. As always, please feel free to contact us again if we can be of further assistance.


Jim Van

AMSOIL Technical Services

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