Moab in October...mark those calendars boys!!

Mark your calendars and request time off from work because we're headed back to Moab! Back in mid April, there was some discussion of riding Moab together in the Fall. The tentative dates set aside (at that time) was Sept. 30th - Oct. 3rd.

Here's the original thread for your viewing pleasure :awww:Moab discussion

We're considering a day in Monticello as well as the Moab riding. Oh yeah...bring your dual-sport or be prepared to trailer everywhere (which is OK too.)


Are you camping or moteling and where?

oh , oh i want to come.

any one want to sponsor my trip? :thumbsup:

Are you camping or moteling and where?

We usually motel it but Indy_WR450 mentioned camping. At this point it's still up in the air. I prefer to motel it so I can get a hot shower after a long day of riding but I'm up for anything. :thumbsup:

oh , oh i want to come.

any one want to sponsor my trip? :thumbsup:

If come on over, we'll buy ya lunch... :devil:

I am cool with cheap hotels too. Dave which hotel did you have in mind? I am going to be out there for all the days. Should be a blast. :thumbsup:

I think it's the Sleep Inn on the south end of town. We've stayed there twice now. Rates are about the same as anywhere else but I like the fact that there's a Chevron right next door. We basically just ride our bikes from the hotel everyday and top off on our way out. I'm leaving Boise on Wednesday, ride Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and drive back to Boise on Sunday. :thumbsup:

I may be able to go if it's possible to do without being street legal.

Looks like a ride is brewing... I'll come so long as the helmet cam is turned off while I push my bike down those nasty rocky drop offs :thumbsup: That story's getting some mileage. Honestly, sometimes I think you guys are just plain nuts. Of course it's fun to watch. I'm in.

I'll come so long as the helmet cam is turned off while I push my bike down those nasty rocky drop offs...


Eric, we'd love to have you along as always but you'll have to make a deal with N7SLC about the helmet cam thing.. :lol::D:thumbsup:

Hey Eric- if you're going then there is a really good chance I would go. Your bike isn't street legal either, so you're in the same predicament I'm in.

You guys and your dual sport rides......... :thumbsup::devil:

For those that want too camp due to $$$ there is a campground at that end of town called CanyonLands. It has showers available their as well and is much cheaper than a hotel. They also have small cabins with bunk beds for 4 people, so you can share the expense, very nice place.

Can we get a head count of how many want to camp and how many want to stay at the Sleep Inn. Any one want to split a room? :thumbsup:

We could split a room, Dan. But what if I don't like you? :thumbsup::devil:

I was talking to WRFRK today and he mentioned the cabins at the campground are CHEAP (something like $80 for three days.)

That is cool Dave. I would rather split the room with a Thumpette :thumbsup: What is going on with Eric? is he coming or not?

What is going on with Eric? is he coming or not?

I'm coming. Like Chris said, I'm not street legal, but I don't think the Moab law enforcement cares much so long as we're not on pullin wheelies down the highway.

You are right I have been with guys that are on 2 stroke MX bikes with no lights riding through town with out issues. Discreet motoring through town with a group of legals should be safe enough. :thumbsup:

We'll just keep all the illegals in the middle so when the local cop checks his mirror as we pass him all he'll see are the guys in the back with plates. :thumbsup:

BTW Indy....I'm leaning towards the cabins. Cheap is GOOD. I'll decide for sure about 30-days prior.

4 Guys per Cabin sounds good to me! Count me in or a Cabin.

Dave how many are in your group?

Normally it's 3-4 but this time around I was planning on just myself. Dan (N7SLC) initially told me that he wouldn't be able to make it in October but I talked to him today and he's going to try and go. So, most likely just the two of us.

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