Moab in October...mark those calendars boys!!

That's odd, when I was there just a year ago all the cabins had 2 bunk beds in them. If they have pulled one for added space then I guess someone is going to have to take the floor. These are nice and clean though so no worries, but they are hardwood floors.

Normally it's 3-4 but this time around I was planning on just myself. Dan (N7SLC) initially told me that he wouldn't be able to make it in October but I talked to him today and he's going to try and go. So, most likely just the two of us.

Yes, I did because we're buying some property to build a new home on

and I'm gonna be broke. However, I'm working on a few deals and may

be able to go after all. Man, I hope I can! I want helmet cam footage

of Slick Rock and Porcupine Rim!

No worries Eric, I'll, um, edit out you walking your bike down the

drop offs. Btw, there's a TON of them in Moab.

Just remember...footpegs are our friends! :devil:

Oh, and cheap cabins are OK with me...Just a place to sleep and

shower afterall.... :thumbsup:

AN idea on saving some serious loot......Ask me for some dynamite Helmet-Cam footage of Moab that I got last year. Priority Mail drops it in your hands for $3.85, wife approval not required! LOL!

Why is everyone picking on Eric? It is technically more difficult to walk down then ride down! I saw the video on Dave Dialogues web site. :devil::thumbsup::awww:

Instead of pushing... I think I'll just pick up the bike and carry it down the hill. Increasing the level of difficulty is what I'm all about.

Instead of pushing... I think I'll just pick up the bike and carry it down the hill. Increasing the level of difficulty is what I'm all about.

I bet you COULD pick up that 300 and carry it! :thumbsup:


...and a reminder that if you're interested in hooking up with us on this ride, subscribe to the mailing list for up to date details and to make suggestions! :thumbsup:

TT Moab Ride mailing list

this a is a must join ride since im a local moab is only an hour away and i ride monticello all the time. i'd like to join for the saturday's ride on the 2nd where do you think you'd be consider the kane creek pritchettcanyon loop great ride or i know lots of killer single track on the abajos by monticello maybe poison spider ? let me know where you would like to ride on that saturday i'd love to join.

Well, hey? How about you show us some of the best trails there? I'm not the ride leader, but he (DAVE!!) might think that would be a good idea. I would think that you, being a local, would know the area a lot better than any of us who are coming down there. So you should be able to provide valuable input on which trails are the most fun.

Hey Dave, that brings a question to mind. Are we going to have a good mix of trail difficulty? I would prefer that it wasn't all hard or all easy, but some of both (but nothing WAY too hard, my bike has enough scratches and battle damage. :devil:). What's on the agenda? I'm getting excited!


Uh, another question. Are you thinking of going up pritchett canyon, or down it? :thumbsup:

Uh, another question. Are you thinking of going up pritchett canyon, or down it? :thumbsup:

Down, I hope.

i was thinking up kane creek and down prichett yellow hill is more fun going up it :thumbsup: but there is some good riding in the lockhart basin by newspaperrock some good trails and a few dunes or pick any jeep trail in moab but i favor double and single track but pritchett is only three miles long but pretty technical intermediates would do fine but id be glad to play guide although some of you might have ridden more of moab than i have but another idea would be spend the day at ten mile wash one of the best spots in the state for trails and dunes or alpine single track in the abajos let me know where youd like to ride and im looking forward to it

alpine single track in the abajos

Now that sounds good!

that's funny! :thumbsup::devil::awww:

that's funny! :devil::awww::lol:


Monticello has lots of alpine single track, doesn't it? If we are going there for a day (SAY YES, if it has alpine single track!), then that would fit the bill nicely!

I just might stay until oct. 5 if Indy is still planning on staying that long!

6 days in Moab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!!!!!

that's funny! :devil::awww::lol:

Actually, I've heard they have some of the best single track around. :thumbsup:

yes we have lots of great trails lots and lots of single track and some double track and there's plenty of vistas to use up camera film for the land of arches and ruins

I think the plan is to go down Pritchett Canyon. I hear it is not as fun going up. This Monticello single track sounds cool! Dave do we have room in our schedule to do that one day? We can have the locals (Rush66) lead that ride. :thumbsup:

I was thinking we could schedule Monticello for Saturday and have Rush show us around. I'll be checking out of the cabin on Saturday so it would fit good for me. What about it, Rush? You up for leading a group of misfits around Monticello for a day?? :thumbsup:

Sounds great. I would like to find new trails in the area! Rush can you plan a full day on Saturday Oct 2nd in the Monticello single track? :thumbsup::devil::awww:

Hey Dave- I thought you were staying until sunday?

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