Moab in October...mark those calendars boys!!

:thumbsup::awww::devil::awww::lol::D:lol::D :D :snore:


DDialogue, and all other moab riders

I want in.

I'll be campin and may be askin to mooch a shower

Anybody here want to get in a day or two of crack climbing

in the "crick" ?? PM me.

Hey Toxic. Just make sure you sign up at Dave's TT Moab web site where you can email everyone and get all the necessary information. :thumbsup:

The time has FINALLY arrived!! Has it really been six months already? :cry:

For those of you going, I'm looking forward to meeting and riding with you. For those of you that can't make it...we'll think about you! :cry:

I am JEALOUS of all the folks making the trip :cry: but as I had my knee scoped last week I dont think the doc would be too happy about me throwing a leg over the bike just yet. :cry: It looks like I will be on the bicycle getting the hinge working so that I can ride the motor in 2 weeks in Steamboat. Then of course there is ski season as well just around the corner :cry: Have fun and be safe. Dont forget to get beer before crossing into Utah...3.2 beer is not good beer and don't forget the handle of Jack Daniels!! :cry:

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