nailed jetting first try!!!!

rode with new changes first time today,was pleasantly surprised instant throttle response right off idle :cool:perfect everywhere but a definate improvement off bottom right thru midrange top end is about the same but there was nothing wrong there to start with. i'd like to thank indy for his help :thumbsup: and part of it could be accidental,sudco mailed me the wrong 100 paj so i drilled out the stock 70 to 120 (the smallest bit i had)i'm guessing at the size but it was about 20% bigger than the 100 that wouldn't fit. it was about 80 degrees today,sunny at 2500'.i'm not saying this setup is the magic one but with the intake/exhaust setup on mine i couldn't ask for more! the only thing is a very very slight popping on decel not enough to worry about,plug is tan,pipe is brown gotta love it :devil: when it gets colder will change back to 165 mj and see if its still as good.

I am glad the jetting worked out as we discussed. I have had so much experience with the WR450 in all kinds of conditions and I am glad to be of help. :thumbsup::devil:

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