Anything like rhino lining that I can get in a store?

I want to put some black rhino lining on my frame but I dont want to get more than I need is there any thing like it I can buy in a store???

there is some stuff you can pick up at auto zone or advance auto, try napa auto too. sorry can't remember the name of the stuff but its usually in the aisle with the paint. same size can as paint too!!!

Rhino lining will be difficult to clean due to its rough texture. When I restored my jeep from the frame up I painted the frame and axels with POR-15. This stuff is GOOD, its the most durable paint I have ever seen. Its expensive but worth it. And read the directions, if it gets on your skin you will wear it for a week, unless you scrape off the skin. You can buy it a napa now I belive.


Herculiner is a brand that Walmart carries :thumbsup:

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