GPR Stabilizer??

Rocky mountain mc has gpr stabilizers for 120 bucks. are they worth the money and time to put on? mostly ride woods and scrambles

Can you link us to where you found that for 120 buck. I see them for like $450 and $550. If it is 120 Buck I would get it in a second. Why would you even ask. let me know if you get it for 120 buck and I will get one to.

I couldn't find it either. A search brings up only the GPR2.0 kit. :thumbsup:

Please let me know where you found it for this price!!!! I want one too.

go to and look under clearance or call them at 1-800-336-5437

i sure hope i ordered the right thing it should be here friday or maybe monday. let you know then

The only thing I saw for $120 were handlebar clamps. :thumbsup:

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