Clutch suggestions?

I have a rekluse z start in the bike which I love. However lately I feel like I am losing power. I havent replaced my clutch stack since I bought the bike, its an '03. I know it has been burnt and overheated and I think this is causing my loss of grunt coming out of the corners. How often do you change your clutch stack and what is the best replacement.

Reklus recomends the OEM Honda CR125, may want to cal Reklus for exact info.

But Al advised me the Stock OEM Yamaha is el natural.

As far as replacment, that depends on how you ride and how often.

I would suggest,

1: Check the Specs on your Fiber and Plates

2: Check and adjust if needed your Install Gap

3: All the above

Yes you need new clutch plates i had to put new plates in about every 4 weeks :lol: and then out came the auto and went back to manuel NO MORE :devil::awww::lol::D :D :snore::lol::thumbsup::D:lol::awww:

I am sorry about this late reply, had to go out with the family. Why were you changing plates every 4 weeks, I haven't heard that from anybody else using an auto. Mine will come out too if thats the case.

New Plates every 4 weeks? :devil: That sounds a bit excessive. Sounds like your riding her like a 2 smoke. :thumbsup:

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