Oil Change

sup guys.. i am new to the world of 4-strokes and was questioning the amount of times to swap the frame filter... the one behind the skid plate.... i change my oil every 2 rides and have two rides on my new to me 00' 426. Thanks!

I have never changed mine. Just do the copper seal. Unless it starts to look bad then your fine.

IF your referring to the strainer/screen in the frame I would suggest cleaning at least twice per season. I have never had much in mine to clean out but better safe than sorry.

Never changed/replaced mine and everytime I change the oil, I check it. Have yet to find anything in it

The screen only needs replacing if damaged. I like the twice a season suggestion. I was starting to check the frame screen every other oil change. Neither of my bikes have had any particles caught in the screen.

I belive that screen is just there to filter out big debris that my eneter the system from filling and checking the oil level. I may be wrong though.

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