dented radiator

I layed my bike over trying to ride over a large rock and fell onto another denting the top of the left radiator a bit. Is there anyway to push this dent back out? Maybe heating the spot and pressurizing it with an air compressor to blow the spot back out?

I know radiators are rather sensitive and probably mine can't be fixed (still works fine though) but I thought I'd ask. :thumbsup:

I know my questions a long shot. I'm sure it's probably safer not to mess with it; and just learn to live with it.

There are companies that fix them for you. One is out of oregon, I think. They do it for cheap to. I dont think you can do it your self though. Just look at it as natures way of telling you, you need to upgrade! :thumbsup:

Mines dented, crushed and still doesnt leak. I did get one leaky rad by a hard fall on ice, but I just bought a new set off ebay, which were perfect. 80 bucks. :thumbsup:

Mylers can straighten these out for little cost. Do a search on Mylers.....

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