price on 650R?

I am not a huge fan of paying retail for anything, I see some posts about people paying less than 5 grand on brand new 650R's, is this the norm, I have yet to see one in stock, and they usually don't barter on bikes they order...

I recently bought one for $2800 with 500 miles on it. The deals are out there. Keep looking. The classifieds are a good place to look. Dealerships charge more. A buddy of mine bought an XR600 with 100 miles on it for $1200 last summer.

03 street legal ones are there for around $6000 and no tax with less than 800 miles on them. I know of two for sale here in San Diego. Brand new PIGs go for $4999.00 + tax (if bought in the state you live in) almost everywhere since 2003. Dirt only. :thumbsup:

Well dirt only they have been trying to get sticker in the state I am going to, but I will not pay sticker. I will go to Colorado if I have to. Dirt only is not a concern since wyoming does not even require turn signals, all i need is mirror and brake light and horn in addition to what the bike already has.

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