CRD Slip-On Exhaust- 650R

Anyone had experience with this exhaust? I haven't installed it yet, but from what I understand it's REALLY quiet(88db)- I can see why. It's about 4-5" longer than the stocker and the riveted-on endcap is only 28mm diameter- much smaller than the modified stocker or HRC tip. Imagine it doesn't allow the bike to breathe very well...

Just wondering if anyone's experimented, maybe shortening it a bit and using a bigger-diameter endcap? I don't want it to be too loud, but I think it could gain a few dbs (say 93-94) & still be OK. It'd be a shame not to use this- it looks to be very durable & high quality. Anyone??

Anyone want it?

I've decided to stick with the stocker. The CRD looks super cool, but I've got the Edelbrock carb all dialed in just right & don't want to mess with it. Should be perfect for dual sport or where you want to be REALLY quiet. It's never been on the bike. $150.


If it's still available, I'd be interested.

Let me know,


Hey Mike,

Let me know if you still have it.



I am looking for a pipe that will pass the 94 decibel FIM limit.

Your slip on might really be the ticket.

I know DrGMatic beat me to the punch--but i really really need that slip on!

ANy chance i can get it?

I am looking for a pipe that will pass the 94 decibel FIM limit.

What we need is a variable geometry exhaust nozzle to deliver maximum performance with minimum sound when it counts. Perhaps a variable orifice exhaust insert would be another consideration. I'm just waiting for someone to get established and to make good money off these and other ideas before I cash in on their infringements :thumbsup:

I'm interested... got pics??


Gary i just changed bits on my portable drill----the orifice gets bigger for large bits, smaller for little bits. Why not the same for the end of a pipe?

A bolt on adjustable orfice for the endcap would be sweet. You could bolt it on to many different pipes.

Sorry guys- you responded too slow! Sold on eBay within a couple hours.

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