w.e.r. steering dampener

does anyone have any experience with these thinking about getting one for a couple of reasons. being on the lower triple clamp makes more sense as far as stability is concerned and it doesn't offer resistance going back to center. seems like a simple setup also.

I have owned one since 97. I love it. I have rebuilt it a few times, the seals, and it works great. Some complain that you can't adjust it on the fly because of where it is positioned but I set it and forget about it anyway and then it's out of the way because of the mount. I know a few others that have them and are happy with them. I would buy another in a heart beat. :thumbsup:

thanx for the input,easy to rebuild is a definate plus also!

I run one too. I have raised the forks 7mm land the damper realy made the front end "quiet". It is a lot easier to stand up and ride since I can grip the bars lighter.

Ride fast - take chances.


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