YZ 450 Exhaust

Would an exhaust system from a 2003 YZ 450F be a direct bolt up to an '04 WR 450F ? Is there any benifit to replacing the stock WR exhaust with a YZ exhaust ?



Far as I know, it should bolt up. More noise, slightly better mid-range and more top-end power. Biggest down-side...lots louder :thumbsup: not suitable for off-road, off-track use. It'd be good for moto though...

I run a YZ exhaust on my 450. Actually it's significantly quieter than the stocker uncorked. Ok for the desert but not quiet enough to be forest friendly. Weighs about half as much. You'll need a longer bolt for the rear hanger as the YZ uses a rubber bushing instead of a flat plate for mounting. Other than that it will bolt right up.

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