removing down tube oil screen?

Do I need to remove the inlet and outlet pipe assembly just to clean the down tube oil screen? or can I remove the bolt and chage the screen.

The service manual indicates I have to remove the entire assembly. does anybody do it differently?

pull out the bolt that secures the banjo in and once you hace that out you can get a socket on the bolt that hold the screen on. Be sure no to lose the crush washer.

I was just told about the screen the other day so I figured I would check it out. I was unaware of location and thought I was told it was on teh inlet from teh oil reservoir so after I take off the coolant hose inlet to get access to the hose fitting...I realize there is no filter there and now have coolant all over the place...

Oh well, guess I shoulda checked the manual. My screen had hardly anythign on it and has maybe 500 -800 miles on it with oil changes maybe every 100-150 miles.

thanks, I do not have to take the whole assembly off then, just the bolt and screen.

Remeber--theres another, second screen to be cleaned once in awhile...

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