MX style rear fender

Where would one look to buy a mx style (no light) rear fender for a XR650R?

I did a search, but was unsuccessful.



You found all of them :thumbsup:

if you want to try

cut your oem rear fender and add a CR '99 rear fender


Wow atreiou, that looks really really sweet :thumbsup:

yeah where did the tank shrouds come from? :thumbsup:

Thats a Monnier tank/shroud kit. Look at for details. Not cheap but looks good. May be some dealers down under?

thanks mate i sure hope there is somewhere in AUS otherwise i hpoe they ship worldwide

MW Racing over here in the Uk are dealers and may well post them out to you. Think its

Check this beauty out also. CRF forks & bodywork. Custom alloy tank & airbox. Looks the dogs borrox :thumbsup:mvc-194f.jpg

thanks mate but it would work out to be around 800AUS dollars for it geez i so want it though anyone know anywhere is USA to get this monnier kit from? :thumbsup:

Wow! I like that #95 bike! It looks like the seat, side panels & shrouds are from a CRF450. Are the rest of the parts to do that all one-off pieces, or are they available anywhere?

That looks like Barnums header pipe!

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