WR Backfires

If my bike backfires is it to lean or to rich


I assume you are talking about on acceleration. It could be either, more than likely lean. If it's a crackly noise it's lean. If it's a pop it's rich.

its on decel. and its a super loud pop with flames you can see if spark arr. is off.

flameS ?? Plural ? is that a new mod we havent heard about before ?? I used to get one big POP of a flame out of my Stroker SX-1. Scared the living bejeezus out of me first time: I pulled into my dark garage, stepped off the bike and it then blew out a blue flame with a big popping sound !!

.......Sounds rich if there are flames, but if you put a freer flowing exhaust then its lean. Or leaner. Maybe it was way way rich before and is now only a little leaner, but still too much ? I dont know but I guess that the innards of a silencer could be different one to the next to allow flames vs prior silencer.??

finally....is you air filter clean. If you havent cleaned it in a looooong time it can/will richen the mixture considerably, especially if you have been riding in dusty conditions

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