215 lbs rider will a WR426 work

Im thinking about getting a 01,02 wr426 will this bike have good performance for one as large as me,6'2" 215 lbs..and if so how much spring work will be needed? Been riding 500 and 600.but am looking for lighter /power Thanks

It will be FINE! I'm 6'2' and about 240 with gear. I went with 48's in the front and a 5.8 spring in the rear. The rear is a bit light for that weight, but much better than stock. I should have gone with a 6.0 in the rear...

I went from a KX500 to a 02 WR426 and was a little worried about the power difference. Nothing to be worried about. The WR will have plenty of power for you. :thumbsup:

I'm 205lbs starkers and have no worries with my 01 426. God knows what springs are in it. Haven't touched them since I bought it, but I figure someone else must have changed them because they are pretty stiff.

I'm 6'1 and a solid 220 with gear. My 400 has more power than I can use most of the time. I'm sure the 426 is no different. You size should not be an issue.

I'm 6'3" and 215. I'm sure the suspension could be setup better for me if I wanted to cough up the $$$$$$$$, but out of the box this thing is amazing. I can bottom the thing out off big air stuff especially the forks, but I'm so impressed with how the bike soaks up everything else, that I'm very content to just leave it alone other than mess with clickers a little bit. Power? No shortage of power. It's got big power everywhere as opposed to my CR 500 which as with any 2 smoke has to be on the pipe to really make a head of steam.

No worries, I'm 6'2" - 220lbs. Got stock suspension and I have no problem but I'm not an ariel master. If you are, you may want to do increase them springs.

6' 235lbs.

Mines set up for supermoto, and works great.

Thanks for all the replies,just need to get rid of one bike to get another.this one is for you :thumbsup:

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