Max headlight power on the WR450

A while back there was some posts claiming that the stock WR450 12 volt AC electrical system (not the DC circuit) could handle 70 to 80 watts of lighting. Has anyone tested this with several hours of use.

I have a night time dual sport ride coming up. Just bought a 55 watt running light from Pep Boys which I would like to mount and run with my stock UFO 35 watt headlight. Thats 90 watts total. Probably too much?

Thinking about wiring a switch to go back and forth between the 55 and 35 watt lights.

Thanks in advance for any advice. :thumbsup:

The WR has 130W available, add all your current elec. stuff up and see how much total Ws are used, the difference is what you can increase the HL W by....

that 130watt would be at an elevated rpm. I have an acerbis diamond light on my 426 (3 X 20w bulbs all connected on low beam). I have used this for hours continuously with no problems. Just don't expect your blinkers to work at idle.

I had a problem last night ride when the entire DS kit was connected to the DC circuit. My battery went dead after about an 3 hours of headlight use. I have now seperated the headlight out of the DS kit and run it on the AC circuit. Hoping the AC circuit can handle the 90 watts (two lights) for several hours. But will the coils fry, or will the lights just dim? The wires might get hot too running at 7 amps. Gotta check the guage.

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